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18th June 2010

How long have I not been on this thing for?

have you missed me?

18th September 2009

2:01pm: my god
I wanted to say hello to you people because its been, 30 weeks!

so hello.. Ill see you in another year..

oh and my msn is msn@nutella.co.uk for you curious people ;) [yes its the right address]

now come amuse me!

19th February 2009

10:58am: extraordinary beautiful
I woke up to sping today.. But for some reason, Ill guarantee its short lived, like one of them annoying illnesses you get.

Frankly I think its nature just taking the piss again, only a few days ago I was camping, and it was.. Well it wasnt sunny thats fur sure.

Today.. Im going to see about spring cleaning, but I doubt that will happen, as tomorrow its just going to be as shit as it was yesterday.
Current Mood: awake
2:41am: a year ago
I am eating beef n veg soup..

3rd March 2008

7:23pm: miranda
you ought to get Miranda, but you know, I dunno why, is this an advert?.. Stumble it!
1:43pm: its snowing
There are just somethings that need saying.. and this is one of them.. ITS BLOODY SNOWING AGAIN!

24th November 2006

1:13pm: mum
Happy birthday mum, rest in peace, or whatever it is you are doing :) We are having a meal tonight for you and of course your space will be there, so your expected! lots of love to you!

20th October 2006

8:54pm: horny
Seriously, Id fuck Google severely and bugger it from behind’!

11th October 2006

12:58pm: friends reunited
I just wanted to inform you that im pissed off at friends reunited.. It seems that even if you are a member, people that you contact cannot reply unless they are a member.. how wank is that?!

4th September 2006

10:10pm: what a beauty..
well not really.. My thoughts are here with Steve Irwin. I am feeling a wee bit upset due to the fact that one of my fave nature people is now dead.

Animal planet channel is showing an evening of him, so i shall go watch that and think about his wife, Terry, and I feel so bad for her.
1:30am: Steve, changed our world.
Stephen Robert Irwin
22 February 1962 – 4 September 2006
“The Crocodile Hunter”

The death of Steve Irwin sent a wave of disbelief across the world and a similar wave is was felt for Princess Diana.

I sit here, and I feel that even though I am 27, and depressed anyway. It is such a strange and overwhelming sadness that I am experiencing. Some may think fair enough hes dead Pete, but you didnt know him, or loads of people die each day. Yeah true enough, but of every person I know “known” on the telly, he just happens to be the one that has given me alot of happiness and gotten me through many a depressed time.

He is a true legend, and I dont think the world even knows what to think yet. What bothers me is I didnt get to see the live memorial - I was too busy being sick.. It will be repeated on Animal Planet at 9pm on Sunday though. Perhaps I will see it repeated on some other channel, when I do I will post my views on here. Though from what Ive read and the pictures I have seen, I think it probably fitted very well with the type of bloke he was.

Ach, it just goes to show, nature takes the good ones, and just leaves the bad ones on the planet for us..

Steve, wen you wrote an article some time ago on your Australia zoo,about urning to be reunited with your mother, I know exactly how that feels. Say hi to my mum for me.

Please Watch this unbelievably perfect tribute.
Current Mood: nostalgic

2nd September 2006

2:17am: all is good
just to let you folks know, im well and fine.

I have moved into my new home, and ive been here for just over a week. Stressing and getting worked up as usual, but thats only normal for a difficult move.

Im in a lovely quieter area now with no fucking dogs barking below. So lets just say the sleeping is getting more stable, which in turn should be making me feel better.

Apart from moving what else has been going on? Well ive had a few meetup group meetings, which have been successful as usual. Ive been out with some folks from other groups too..

ooh went dry slope skiing today at bellhoustan park, what a laugh that was. I was the only one to fall on my arse more than once, and im so graceful LOL I do love that group of people though as they are so supporting and encouraging with everyone.

A friend from Canada, Sharla, is moving to scotland. Guess who shall be meeting her at the airport and putting up with her, erm, putting her up for a wee while? Yep that would be me.. Typical, now that I have a one bedroomed place, someone needs to come stay. I guess its got its good points ;) thats for the imagination. Shes lovely though, youd like her.Cant mind her age though, mid twenties anyway. Fingers crossed anyway, who knows what could become with the jock and canuck!

anyway, look at the time!

24th July 2006

2:47pm: If your wondering where Ive been.. Lets just say Ive had enough.. Im tired of depression, no local friends and no social circle. Im tired living here, and im tired of having to wait so fucking long - to be let down again.

Ive had a hellish month, my health is going down hill, and if I am admitted to hospital tomorrow because I tell the shrink I want to be dead, then so be it. theres fuck all else to live for.

29th June 2006

7:31pm: PETITION - Dont want to pay for NTL's CS
Like many others, I refuse to pay for any sort of 0845/0870 number. When NTL introduced their customer services 0845, usually for faults with their services, why should we have to pay them?

The NTL petition, please sign!

Thank you.

17th June 2006

2:42am: before bed... some Oscar
Just so some of you know, I am not completely alone in my home... Here is my little friend that keeps me amused at night..

oscar nosey

oscar standing

He was a rescue hamster, and yes he does only have one eye that works, before you wonder why it looks odd.. That's because it was popped somehow while he was an escapee in the big wide world. Found one frosty morning only a few months back..

I'm so glad I got the privilege of homing him as he is so well tempered and mannered.. Ive yet to be pissed on, and that's a good thing when you know what hamsters are like!

I will post more pics of him sometime, though already I have far tooooo many of him..
Current Mood: tired

14th June 2006

2:14am: Yvonne
Had a great day with Yvonne today.. Actually it turned out to be more that just a fun day..

We faffed about Glasgow for a few hours first.. Took her to my fave wee hidden pub to get some snacks. Then we had to head to my place coz I had something to do..

Got to mine, and just as we got back. Kirsty arrived to pick me up, so I left Yvonne to her own devices while I went and got my benefits maximised - damn DLA forms again, pissed me off!

I got back home to a sleeping beauty on the sofa, how cute.. she had just put oscar away I saw as he was still awake..

So blah blah time goes on.. BANG.. oh dear, the bed was abused.. Though it did take us a while to get there, coz we were both rather shy for some reason..

Back into the city - mmmm chinese buffet for us both.. I had my usual, but then for dessert I had ice cream, melon and to garnish it, I stuck on a king prawn, he he..


Then we went and sat in Geo Square for a wee while..

and then I came home alone.. to this treat... isnt it a beauty!?

10th June 2006

6:15pm: cute game
here is a wee game I found so adorable!

wake up calls

5th April 2006

Hide yer cocks! Run for the hills!!!

Don't have any urges to shit on peoples car wind-screens!

This health warning came to you from Septic Pecker Health Service!


Its in Scotland, and it killed a Swan.. oh no!!!

6th March 2006

2:26pm: Italy produces 179,000 tons of Nutella every year, which equates to 400 million 470g jars.
12:53pm: nope, not for me..
9:08am: a new chapter?
Without disclosing any information at this point. Today may well be the start of something fresh for me, and if I go through with it, then as well as being very nervous, ill be very excited also..

2nd March 2006

10:08pm: hair cut

Just for you folks that havent seen me in a wee while... oh and thats Kirsty :)

14th February 2006

7:20pm: S.A.D. but happy!
Valentine's Day is like herpes: just when you think its gone for good, it rears its ugly head once more. No wonder some people prefer to call it V.D.

Yes, it's that special time of year when chocolate and card companies encourage you to demonstrate the extent of your fondness in cold, hard, cash (or plastic equivalent) on February 14th.

Tae hell wi that!

This year, celebrate or commiserate by sticking two fingers (or one, if you're that way culturally inclined) at any organisation with a vested interest which prescribes how and when to show your feelings. This year, don't say it with flowers: say it with bile. (This goes for Christmas also!)

Or like me, you could always celebrate...

..Singles Awareness Day!

So there you have it, uncontrollable misery, and don't you just love my pessimistic feelings today! Though just in case you think im being too miserable... One day in February isn't that special, but you my friends, are.

Dont forget, its chip and pin day also :P

24th December 2005

12:00pm: I miss you

23rd November 2005

5:23pm: bird flu

If you experience any of the following, please seek medical treatment immediately:

1. High fever
2. Congestion
3. Nausea
4. Fatigue
5. Aching in the joints
6. An irresistible urge to shit on someone's windshield!

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